Meet Miss Universe 2013 Top 16 Predictions

Miss Universe 2013 Top 16 Predictions have a great impact among pageant online enthusiasts in searching reliable prediction of who will be successful candidates to be part of the top 16.

Because of this popular keyword on the net, thousands of personal ideas, forum comments and Facebook likes about peoples’ choice of their chosen bets which is according to their point of view.

Miss Universe 2013 Top 16 Predictions

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This 62nd edition of the pageant, Miss Universe 2013, will be held first time in Moscow, Russia on November 9, 2013. People believe that Miss Universe is considered as a top notch prestigious beauty pageant in the pageant industry based on stability of the organization as well as the impact they contribute to the entire world. Yes, Miss Universe is already a trending topic.

Almost of the candidates are already in Russia for their long preparation before the big night. Coronation night is a few weeks away and it is our chance to make a glance of contestants who are part of the rosters of Miss Universe 2013 Top 16 Predictions

Online voting is already activated and all are invited to cast your vote.

It is our opportunity to cast our favorite candidates and hopefully our bet will be included during the big night on November 9 at Crocus City Hall.

Forum and social media predictions have started as to which national representative will get the Diamond Nexus Crown. Below are the rosters of Miss Universe 2013 Top 16 Predictions

Miss Universe 2013  =>Miss Poland

Paulina Krupinska – Miss Universe 2013 Poland

First Runner-up  => Miss Philippines

Ariella Arida – Miss Universe 2013 Philippines

Second Runner – up  => Miss Puerto Rico

Monic Pérez – Miss Universe 2013 Puerto Rico

Third Runner – up => Miss Panama

Carolina Brid – Miss Universe 2013 Panama

Fourth Runner – up => Miss Israel

Yityish Aynaw – Miss Universe 2013 Israel

Top 6 => Miss USA

Erin Brady – Miss Universe 2013 USA

Top 7 => Miss Venezuela

María Gabriela Isler – Miss Universe 2013 Venezuela

Top 8 => Miss France

Hinarani de Longeaux – Miss Universe 2013 France

Top 9 => Miss Croatia

Melita Fabecic – Miss Universe 2013 Croatia

Top 10 => Miss Great Britain

Amy Willerton – Miss Universe 2013 Great Britain

Top 11 => Miss Russia

Elmira Abdrazakova – Miss Universe 2013 Russia

Top 12 => Miss Colombia

Lucia Aldana – Miss Universe 2013 Colombia

Top 13 => Miss Canada

Riza Santos – Miss Universe 2013 Canada

Top 14 => Miss Australia

Olivia Wells – Miss Universe 2013 Australia

Top 15 => Nicaragua

Nastassja Bolívar – Miss Universe 2013 Nicaragua

Top 16 => Ecuador

Constanza Báez – Miss Universe 2013 Ecuador

Miss Universe 2013 coronation night is a few weeks away and pageant enthusiasts are optimistic that their bets will bring the Diamond Nexus Crown.

Different blogs and social media websites never stop in giving their Miss Universe 2013 predictions and asking a common question, “Who will be the next Miss Universe titleholder? This query was asked since the creation of the prestigious Miss Universe beauty pageant.

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