Find out latest top 15 Miss Universe 2013 November Final Predictions

Many pageant enthusiasts as well as avid fans get crazy since official candidates have prepared for their arrival in Moscow, Russia. As we all know that October is finally over and November finally comes in. It signifies that the prestigious Miss Universe 2013 beauty pageant gets nearer to commence. In the meantime, November final predictions are out on the internet, naming the latest top 15 Miss Universe 2013 candidates who would be eyeing for the Diamond Nexus crown.

Miss Universe 2013 – Crocus Hall, Moscow Russia
The latest top 15 Miss Universe 2013 November final predictions are included in the rosters of candidates who have a big chance of bagging the Miss Universe title. As others have noticed, same names are on the top 15, some just changed their ranks.

Here are the top 5 candidates:


Latest top 15 Miss Universe 2013 November Final Predictions

Ariella Arida – Miss Universe 2013 Philippines , Photo Credit: Miss Universe

1st Runner-up: POLAND


Paulina Krupinska – Miss Universe 2013 Poland – Photo Credit: Miss Universe

2nd Runner-up: PUERTO RICO


Monic Pérez – Miss Universe 2013 Puerto Rico – Photo Credit: Miss Universe

3rd Runner-up: SPAIN


Patricia Rodriguez – Miss Universe 2013 Spain – Photo Credit: Miss Universe

4th Runner-up: AUSTRALIA


Olivia Wells – Miss Universe 2013 Australia – Photo Credit: Miss Universe

Find time to have a final review of your favorite candidates. Do you think she will be the luckiest woman to take home the prestigious Diamond Nexus crown?

Watch this video so you could get acquainted with other candidates, especially the final roster of candidates is finally complete.

Miss Universe 2013 Contestants
TOP 10 (in order of preference)

6. María Gabriela Isler – Miss Universe 2013 Venezuela

7. Hinarani de Longeaux – Miss Universe 2013 France

8. Olga Storozhenko – Miss Universe 2013 Ukraine

9. Erin Brady – Miss Universe 2013 USA

10. Amy Willerton – Miss Universe 2013 Great Britain

Surprisingly, Miss Universe 2013 has only 86 official candidates compared to previous years wherein there were 89 of them. There were some countries have decided to withdraw their representative due to political rivalry with the host country and others made a final withdrawal because of insufficient funds. Despite of this scenario, it didn’t hinder the success of Miss Universe 2013.

TOP 15 (in order of preference)

11. Lucia Aldana – Miss Universe 2013 Colombia

12. Luna Voce – Miss Universe 2013 Italy

13. Nastassja Bolívar – Miss Universe 2013 Nicaragua

14. Yityish Aynaw – Miss Universe 2013 Israel

15. Yaritza Reyes – Miss Universe 2013 Dominican Republic

Not only the November final predictions named the latest top 15, special awards are also given to predicted awardees, aside from the best swimsuit and evening gown wears awards.

Special Awards

Best in National Costume: NICARAGUA (Proclaimed as a winner during the Preliminary Competition last Nov. 05)

Miss Congeniality: INDONESIA

Miss Photogenic: ITALY

Miss Universe craze is really on. Billions of people are very eager to know who will succeed Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo of USA. While waiting for the coronation night, just keep on praying and voting for your candidates online, click here to cast your vote.

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