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People are wondering why prominent beauty pageants control the excitement of the pageant world. Their direct impact catches the attention of the world. Are you one of them who think this kind of uncertainty? Find out these big ships that really dominate international beauty pageants.

Four Big Ships Dominate International Beauty Pageants

Four Big Ships Dominate International Beauty Pageants Photo Credit: Buzzle

According to most pageant enthusiasts, there are four most coveted titles when it comes to international beauty. They are classified as “The Big Four”, which is composed of Miss World; Miss Universe; Miss International; and Miss Earth. They are considered to be as such since they are the four largest and most famous female beauty pageants across the globe.  Because of their prominence which already became an institution in beauty pageant industry, many fans always anticipate these beauty pageants each year.

The oldest major international beauty pageant is the Miss World which started in 1951. It is created by Eric Morley in the United Kingdom. After Morley’s death last 2000, Julia, her wife, co-chairs the pageant.

miss world logoMiss World Logo, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

In the next year, Miss Universe was founded by the Pacific Mills, a Californian-based clothing company. Since then, it is annually conducted with the Miss Universe Organization as the principal organizer. After gaining prominence from various pageant enthusiasts, the pageant became part of Kayser-Roth and then Gulf Western Industries, before being acquired by Donald Trump in 1996.

Miss_Universe_logoMiss Universe Logo, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Unlike the three beauty pageants (though it is an unbalanced opinion), Miss International, or as others called it as Miss International Beauty is, not solely based on looks. Contestants are expected to have a great international sensibility which is characterized on serving as “Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty”: showing compassion, goodwill, camaraderie, beauty, cleverness and ability to take sound action.

MissinternationalMiss International Logo, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The youngest beauty pageant among “The Big Four” is the Miss Earth. It is a non-stock, non-profit organization whose annual beauty pageant is organized by Manila-based Carousel Productions, through the Miss Earth Foundation. Aside from being the youngest, Miss Earth has also the most expensive crown amounted at US$ 200,000.00.


Miss Earth Logo, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Aside from being the largest and most famous female beauty pageants in the world, the so-called “The Big Four” are also chosen based on the quality of the delegates participating in each beauty pageant. Along with this criterion is also the quantity of crowned delegates. Surely, the “The Big Four” are exposed either on cable networks or even in online streaming nowadays. For instance, Miss Universe pageant is broadcasted on NBC with simulcast in Spanish on Telemundo and recently, it has webcast on Xbox Live.

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They are also recognized for their longevity in the said industry which specific purposes and relevance had been underpinned their establishment. Said purposes are still alive and evolve as humanity confronts different issues throughout time. For example, the ultimate goal of the Miss International beauty pageant is to promote world peace, goodwill, and understanding.


The Miss World winner also spends a year travelling to represent the Organization along with its various humanitarian causes. On the other, Miss Earth seems to be unique among the four major beauty pageants since promotes care and preservation for the planet’s environment and ecology. According to the Miss Earth Foundation, it “aims to increase the level of awareness on current environmental issues and what actions can be done through power of broadcasting and other media campaigns locally, nationally and globally”.

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They have also shared an overall production quality which gained their popularity amongst pageant fans. As a matter of fact, candidates are trained week before the coronation night for extraordinary opening salvos just to heat up the crowd.

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And if you wonder what countries have won all these four pageants, well, Brazil got them first when they won Miss Earth 2004. Next to Brazil is another Latin American country, Venezuela. On the other hand, the Philippines is the third and only Asian country to win all the four pageants, after they won Miss World 2013.  However, Venezuela, among the countries who have won these four pageants, is far the most successful country in the history of “The Big Four” pageants. They just have won 7 Miss Universe titles, from 1979 up to the recently held Miss Universe 2013; 6 Miss World titles from 1955-2011; and 6 Miss International titles, from 1985-2010). Overall, they have now a total of 20 victories in the beauty pageant industry.

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