American USA Winter Wonderland National Pageant 2014

Winter is really the chilliest season of the year as the temperature drops to or for some states, even lower than 32 F (0 ° C). Many Americans surely cover their bodies with thick coats and double their clothes whenever they are outside lest they may catch common colds, cough, flue, etc.  Some choose to remain inside their houses since bulk of snows would block main roads and highways.

American USA Winter Wonderland National Pageant 2014

American USA Winter Wonderland National Pageant 2014.

Amidst the “annoyance” carried by this season, winter is definitely the best time to participate pageants. One of these is the forthcoming American USA Winter Wonderland National Pageant 2014. The pageant will be held anytime on January 26 in Taylor, Texas. What’s more is that it is open to all individuals of any ages: may they be toddlers, kids, teenagers, young adults, adults, middle-aged individuals and even senior citizens.

American USA Winter Wonderland National Pageant is an annual culmination of four pageants which are conducted main counties all over the Central Texas area: Austin, Bastrop, Killeen and Round Rock. All individuals can join the pageant upon paying proper fees, ranging from $75 to $300, depending on the number of categories they wish to join. A part of the proceeds from the pageant will be donated to charitable institutions. Last year, proceeds went to the Dell Children’s Medical Center, an Austin-based institution which attends children’s medical needs. Hence, the pageant is an outlet to reach out for financially-challenged individuals across the country.

The pageant is for sure a win-win for all contestants because it is not only cool and thrilling because of many exciting activities within the duration of the pageant but also self-satisfying since all contestants will take home a 10” crown, satin monogrammed sash, and trophy. In addition, the top 5 contestants will be awarded supreme titles and the ultimate winner will get an outstanding $200. Thus, by joining the pageant, they are already considered as winners and they can use this to serve their own communities.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let winter totally free you at home. Reach out while having fun. For more details, you may reach the pageant’s organizers at 512-321-5693 or e-mail them at

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